Program Information

The SRS Extended School Day Program is for Pre-K (4 years old) thru 8th Grade students. The program is available on school days only which includes half and early dismissal days. It runs from 2:31 – 6:00 p.m.

Professionally Supervised Catholic Education Environment

  • Reinforces positive personal and interpersonal skills
  • Provides supervised time and space for quiet study and homework completion
  • Provides educational enrichment including storytelling, reading, computers with the use of educational software, arts and crafts


All students must be “pre-registered” by Sunday night for the week. In order to be sure we are staffed appropriately, able to follow distancing guidelines and allow younger students into the program, we MUST have a count of children a week ahead of time. Please complete ONE RSVP FORM PER STUDENT. No RSVP’s will be accepted after Monday by 9:00am for the week. If you RSVP for a day and your child does not attend, there will be a $6 fee billed to your account. If your child is  in school on that day, there will be no fee applied.

ESP RSVP Week of May 2

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